Below are the colour options for your dogs new custom fleece or rug but firstly you need to take your dogs measurements as outlined in the image below.  Please don't make any  allowances in measurement as I will do this when creating the pattern. 

Please note the Back measurement (Body Length) should be collar to base of the tail with the head and tail up. The chest measurement is around the ribcage behind the front legs. For the neck it's around the neck as a normal collar sits and for the leg length it is between the 2 front legs from the chest to the floor.

Once you have this information and have picked your perfect print or colour from the options below then please use the form to send them through and we will then contact you with the payment details. 

If you would like a different colour for the cuffs and/or collar on the fleece please state colour one - main body, colour two - cuffs/collar

Colour & Pattern Options for Fleeces, Rugs & Coats:

Colour Options for Storm Coats:

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Once your chosen fleece has been made we will package it up and ship it directly to your pooch, with a little treat from us!